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Community Recreation & Events Centre (Curling Rink Build)

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To advance the best interests of our community through well-planned, responsive and accountable public service. 

Our Vision

Pincher Creek is a vibrant and wecolming community that provides opportunity and a good quality of life for all. 


We Value

Our people: Citizens, Volunteers, Staff and Council members; 

Respectful relationships between all stakeholders built on trust, responsibility & accountability;

Community teamwork that brings out the best in all our stakeholders;

Enabling and encouraging creative thinking to solve priority problems;

Sincere two-way communication to both receive input and inform all concerned;

A safe, friendly and vibrant community;

Sustainability: economic, ecological and intergenerational;

Transparent decision-making processes;

and Commitment to excellence.


2022 Strategic Plan

Council Strategic Priorities ----->Click here. 


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Public Notices

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2023 Property Assessment Notices
March 23, 2023
New Process for Property Assessments
In the past, the Town of Pincher Creek has issued a “Combined Property Assessment and Tax Notice.” This meant that the property owner was notified of their assessment for the year at the same time they were notified of the amount of taxes owed. The new process for 2023 will be that the property owner will receive a Property Assessment Notice separate from the Property Tax Notice.
Community Recreation & Events Centre (Curling Rink Build)
March 22, 2023
At the February 13th Council Meeting the following four motions were passed in relation to a curling rink build. 
Public Open House
February 1, 2023
Council will be sharing some updates with our community. All are welcome to attend.
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