The Town of Pincher Creek provides residents with the following services:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Garbage, Compost & Recycling

Go Paperless!
The Town of Pincher Creek now offers electronic delivery of your utility bill (eBilling).  Sign up today for a convenient, environmentally friendly way to view your bills.  Simply send an email to utilities@pinchercreek.ca with the following information;

  • Utility account number
  • Customer name
  • Service Address
  • Valid email address

Why register for eBilling?

  • Be notified by email when your eBill is ready
  • Direct delivery to your inbox
  • Reduce your monthly paper bill clutter
  • Eliminate delays from standard mail delivery
  • Reduce paper waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Better for our environment 



Residential Garbage Pick-up Schedule
South of the Creek and West of East Avenue  Tuesday
South of the Creek and East of East Avenue  Wednesday
North of the Creek  Thursday

To view a map of the pick-up area, please click here


In accordance with the Town of Pincher Creek Water and Sewer Bylaw 1607-12 and Garbage Utility Bylaw 1605-13, Utility Rates are listed below.  All rates are based on the applicable lines and services in conjunction with a 5/8” water meter.   Bi- Monthly Billing Rates.

Residential Bi-Monthly
Water Base   $27.82
Water Consumption  $1.12/Cubic Meter
Sewer Base   $32.12
Garbage Fixed Base  $15.08
Per Cart Rate once per week pick up  -  65 L Cart  $18.40  -   95  L  Cart $23.40
Recycling   $7.16

Commercial Bi-Monthly
(Based on the average 5/8” Meter, charges will vary depending on the size of line and water meter)
Water Base   $27.82
Water Consumption  $1.12/Cubic Meter
Sewer Base   $15.74
Commercial Sewer 10% Additional 10% charge based on water consumption
Garbage Fixed Rate    $15.08
Per Cart Rate once per week pick up - 65 L  $18.40   -  95   L  Cart  $23.40
660   L  Cart  $33.26   -  1100  L  $38.26
Recycling   $7.16

Application forms must be filled out for new accounts and to initiate changes to an existing account.  A deposit in the amount of $125.00 is required for new account applications.  Prior to setting up a utility account in a renter’s name, the Town of Pincher Creek requires written authorization accepting liability and providing permission from the property owner.  New accounts will not be set up should prior balances exist in conjunction with the property.


Pincher Creek's  source's of raw water is Castle River and Pincher Creek.

The rates for the monthly consumption of Residential/Commercial is based on the meter size: 
5/8 inch - $13.91, 3/4 inch - $49.47, 1 inch - $67.75, 1.5 inch - $85.03, 2 inch - $85.03, 4 inch - $105.35, PLUS a user pay fee of $1.12/cm3

Waste Management
There is weekly garbage collection, recycling of paper, plastic, cans and bottles. A sanitary landfill and solid waste disposal is available, and also a composting site for yard waste.’
Garbage collection for residences is $18.40 for 65 L Cart and $23.40 for a 95 L Cart bi-monthly.

Sewer service charges for residential consumers is $32.12 bi-monthly per residence.

Water and Sewer Mains
No person except authorized employees of the Town of Pincher Creek shall make any connection or contact whatsoever with any of the public pipes or mains in the public thoroughfares of the Town  unless authorized by the Town Superintendent.    

Other Utility Services

Electricity and Natural Gas

Due to Alberta's deregulated electricity marketplace, customers have the freedom to choose their energy provider and products that best suit their needs.

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) 310-4-UCA (310-4822) works to ensure Alberta consumers have the information, representation and protection they need in Alberta's restructured electricity and natural gas markets.  Use their serch tool to determine which retailers are available in our area with the options you choose.

Telephone / Cable / Internet

(403) 310-2255

Shaw Cable


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Public Notices

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Community Information Meeting
February 24, 2016
Mayor and Council would like to invite you to join them for an information evening on February 24, 2016.
Water Treatment Plant Ultra Violet System Installation
January 28, 2016
The Town of Pincher Creek’s water treatment plant has just undergone an extensive upgrade.  The upgrade includes piping, valves and reactors as well as staff training for the new Ultra Violet (UV) system. 
Kraft Hockeyville 2016
January 15, 2016
Pincher Creek's Memorial Communtiy Centre has been nominated again. 
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