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The Town of Pincher Creek is the Wind Capital of Canada.  Nestled against the Rockies in Southwestern Alberta, Pincher Creek enjoys warm Chinook winds that compress and collect energy as they rush down the eastern slopes.  The Pincher Creek area offers the wind energy industry the ideal geographical area for developments in alternative, renewable energy technology and is playing a key role in the development of this increasingly important sustainable energy resource.   

The Canadian Wind Energy Association regards the Pincher Creek area as one of the nation's strongest wind power regions.  Presently, a total of 8 wind energy projects, consisting of 272 turbines are producing 291.93 mega watts of energy in the Pincher Creek area.  With another 5 wind energy projects, consisting of 180 turbines in the approved and project planning stages of producing an additional 580.70 mega watts of energy, for a total forecasted output of 872.63 mega watts of clean, green energy for the Pincher Creek area.

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