Important Notice
Stage 2 Water Restriction

Public Information Release - Water Situation

September 13, 2023

Pincher Creek Regional Emergency Management Organization
Public Information Release
September 13, 2023
The MD of Pincher Creek is unable to pump water from the Oldman Reservoir due to drought conditions.  The MD and Village of Cowley have moved to Stage 3 of the Water Shortage Response Plan as of August 16.  Measures were taken immediately to augment the supply of raw (not yet treated) water.
The Town of Pincher is at Stage 2 Water Restrictions as of July 26.
The MD of Pincher Creek, Town of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley have activated their joint regional emergency management agency to coordinate communications and planning for the water shortage.
The Joint Emergency Management Agency has been working diligently with all three Municipalities to assist in a timely solution.  The effected intake system supplying untreated water to the treatment plant in Cowley has been evaluated by Alberta Environment, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Dam Safety as well as each effected Municipality
We remind all effected members of the Public that the use of water has not changed from the initial declaration moved to stage three on August 16-23.  The hauling of water with Trucks has been an ongoing activity since that date, with positive results in maintaining the correct quality and quantity of water to all effected users of the MD # 9 distribution system.
Do we have any water?
Yes the water distribution systems of the MD of Pincher Creek, Village of Cowley and Town of Pincher Creek continue to have water.  Restrictions are in place as to its use.   
The system for the MD of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley is augmented by the trucking of raw water.  This system covers Lundbreck, Cowley, Beaver Mines, and Castle Mountain.
The town’s raw water intake continues to be able to handle normal water usage.  The town has a large raw water reservoir that can supply the town’s needs for many weeks even if no new water is taken in.
Why are there water restrictions?
The MD of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley are at Stage 3 water restrictions.  Quickly dropping levels of the Oldman Reservoir relative to the intakes along with other unexpected factors caused the MD to implement restrictions. 
The Town of Pincher Creek has been asked by Alberta Environment to restrict the amount of water taken, in order to support its neighbours and to ensure that flows sustain freshwater ecosystem.
Is the Town giving water to its neighbours?
The MD of Pincher Creek is purchasing drinking water from the Town of Pincher.
What does Stage 3 mean?
Stage 3 is a higher level of restriction on water usage which is currently in place in Lundbreck, Cowley, Beaver Mines, and Castle Mountain.  See the MD of Pincher Creek’s website for the details of the restrictions.
What does Stage 2 mean?
The Town of Pincher Creek is at Stage 2, which is less restrictive.  See the Town of Pincher Creek’s website for details.


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