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Monday 27 September 2021  

Heart of the Horse

Date : 5 August 2021
Category : General

Event Description :
Heart of the Horse is a first class production. The trainers will be some of the greatest horsemen in North America. These trainers are highly regarded in the equine industry and have a large following. A long-standing picturesque setting, the Pincher Creek Rodeo Grounds, is a multi-purpose agricultural grounds and riding facility in the heart of southern Alberta. The grounds features both indoor and outdoor arenas. The 2021 Heart of the Horse event will be held in the outdoor venue with bleachers set into the hillside. Heart of the Horse is an event that is designed to recognize the heart and unbelievable abilities of both horse and trainer. It will showcase the true art of horsemanship through a colt starting competition, demonstrations and mini clinics to spread knowledge and understanding and top notch featured entertainment. The colt starting competition is an informative and extremely entertaining event where 3 trainers choose a colt from a herd and, over the course of 3 days, compete to start and train at the highest level to win the competition. On the final day the trainers must attempt several challenges and an obstacle course before the winner is determined. To highlight the educational component of Heart of the Horse, we are pleased to introduce four full day clinics with this year's trainers (August 2-5th), leading up to the Colt Starting Competition (August 6-8th).⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ A unique element to Colt Starting Competitions is the diverse and effective approaches that the trainers bring to the table while educating a horse. These clinic days will be a great opportunity to get some hands on learning from some of the greatest horsemen in North America, including Dustin Sippola, Glenn Stewart and Jill Barron. ⁣ The Clinics will be hosted at the Pincher Creek Rodeo Grounds. We will share the details on how to enroll as a participant or auditor soon. ​ THE 2021 Heart of the Horse event will also feature a trade show and equine industry related highlights for the guests in attendance.

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Restrictions Exemption Program in Effect for Rec facilities
September 20, 2021
As of Monday September 20, 2021, recreation facilities owned and operated by the Town of Pincher Creek will be following the Restrictions Exemption Program.  This also allows for the Town’s recreational facilities to operate with no capacity restrictions and adult/senior sport, fitness and recreation opportunities to continue operations.
Air quality sensor pilot project
August 10, 2021
On behalf of Alberta Environment and Parks, the Town of Pincher Creek Operations Department has installed an air quality sensor as part of a pilot study involving a proactive approach to wildfire smoke monitoring.
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